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About us

For more than 30 years, we have been captivating audiences worldwide producing shows and events.  With a background in theatre we have consistently produced outstanding events for corporate clients, live music, ballet, opera, television, governments and even the Royal Household.  Whether helping FTSE 100 companies to communicate better with their colleagues, or governments to market their own countries to the rest of the world, BvG Group has been there.


The key to our success is our understanding of the client's needs, understanding the client's target audience, a never-erring attention to detail, massive experience combined with the use of new technology, and a professional, approachable management team.  Our list of clients, and the fact that we've been working with some of the same clients for over 20 years, speaks for itself.

Project direction and planning

Using tried and tested methods including Prince2, we like to see our team as an extension of yours. Drawing on the experience and qualifications of some of the most experienced Project Directors and Producers in the industry, we ensure that the project is delivered to your exacting standards.  Working with you from the scoping stage, with advice on venues and timelines, we make sure your event starts off on the right foot.  Our four-stage project process is:


  • Scoping, design and development

  • Creative and content development

  • On-site build, delivery and de-rig

  • Post-event close, evaluation and budget reconciliation


Upon appointment, a comprehensive risk register to identify the factors that can impact the event is created and updated throughout the project.  An organagram is produced to enable everyone to see who is responsible for which area and the reporting and escalation procedure.  Regular communication with the client, venue and suppliers, combined with timely contact reports and budget updates, help avoid confusion and mistakes.  Collaboratively working with the client's budget and constraints is a prerequisite and we have successfully managed event budgets from a few thousand to multi-million pounds.


We manage the on-site process with the same level of detail as the planning, working collaboratively with the client, venue and suppliers, resulting in an event that is second to none.


Complying with ISO 20121 for event sustainability is an important goal for us, and we aim for all our events to be carbon-neutral.  Our Health & Safety management on site is of course excellent, yet realistic and we have been responsible for the safety of many high-profile figures including

US President Obama and HM The Queen.



Technical and environmental production

Using the best designers and technical crew in the industry, always hand-picked for each event, we create a working environment on site that is calm, professional and friendly.  Our Production Managers and Producers set the tone of the event with their attitude - and this was commented on at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee River Pageant by members of the Royal Household.  Rather than solving problems on site, we like to resolve the issues before they even become a problem.


Our buying-power enables us to supply equipment and services at a preferential rate without affecting the quality of the event.  And our extensive knowledge of technology and equipment means that the client gets exactly the right specification equipment for the job.  We don't believe in using something just because it's on the shelf.


We design the environment to suit the event and the budget available.  And we know how to achieve cost-effective solutions, whether for an internal training session or an international summit.


All our plans are issued in industry-standard .dwg format for compatibility and we produce breathtaking and realistic visuals.


Our technical production also encompasses liaison with worldwide media agencies to produce standalone world-class media centres.  We are well-versed in the use of satellites and internet-based systems and have been responsible for the largest single live outside broadcast in the history of British television.


Creative and content development

We specialise in communications.  We have created superbly successful internal communications campaigns for many clients and rolled-out the plans over a 12-month period or simply cascaded them post event.  We develop external below-the-line communications for international clients and have seen our content distributed in all continents of the world.


We have designed and distributed, electronic magazines and interactive websites for clients whose colleagues are unable to access printed material.  And of course helping clients work towards a greener and more cost-effect communication solution.


Our team of creatives meet with our clients and understand their business.  We write scripts for CEOs and managers, for leaders and retailers.  We work collaboratively with clients and adapt scripts as necessary as events unfold.  And all presenters have access to our in-house speaker presentation trainers.  We know that our clients' diaries are full and time is precious, so we work with you to find the most time-efficient solution.



Speaker support design and production

Our designers are some of the best in the industry.  Specialising in PowerPoint, Keynote and After Effects™, we work with the creative team to create the most astounding speaker support materials that enhance and enliven, rather then detract and distract.


Our designers live the client's brand.  We not only understand the message to be imparted, we understand the environment and the presentation media, whether projection or LED.  We have designed for HM Government, FTSE 100 companies, television, professional bodies, individual presenters and many more.


Video production and streaming

Whether a five-second sting or a one-hour programme, our team puts the same energy into every production.  Multi-camera shoots, EFP (electronic field production), ENG (elctronic news-gathering), and PSC (portable single camera) are all part of our every day video production.  And our new drone camera system now gives us the chance to include dramatic aerial shots that were previously outside the scope of most budgets.  Editing in Premier Pro, our editors can produce fast turnarounds on site or overnight in the edit suite.


And whilst our technical team manages satellite transmissions on some events, when working with audiences in different timezones, we will often recommend live streaming over the internet with a VOD (video on demand) facility for ease of access.  Remarkably cost-effective and adaptable, live content from an event can be at a computer on a colleague's desk or meeting room fast enough for the remote site to be able to ask questions to the host site live.


Logistics and delegate management

No event can be a success without the nuts and bolts of logistics and delegate management having worked seamlessly.  We pride ourselves in this.  Our attention to detail and experience in making everyone feel they are the most important delegate, is in our ethos.


We negotiate with hotels, airlines, private air charter companies, venues, caterers, limousine and coach companies on the client's behalf for the most efficient and cost-effective logistics solution.


On behalf of our clients we manage:


  • Save the date, and follow-up communications

  • Live registration sites

  • Badging, scanning and on-site systems

  • Welcome and conference packs

  • Delegate accommodation, room drops and bag drops

  • Catering

  • Airport check-ins, flight bookings, helicopter and boat transfers, air charter

  • Ground transport, limousines and coaches

  • Customs clearance and visa applications

  • Local activity organisation

  • Contingency planning (e.g. for adverse weather, industrial action, civil unrest, etc.)

  • Repatriation systems for emergencies


The most overlooked and least glamourous aspect of event management is as important to us as any other, which is why you're in safe hands with us.



Sustainability is integral to the way that BvG Group operates both as a business and in every project that we deliver for our clients.  We strive to look at the environmental, social and economic impact that our actions will have.  We encourage best practice within the team and have set a number of objectives which we aim to implement:


  • The 3 R's - reduce, reuse, recycle are implemented both in the office and the projects that we deliver.  We monitor our systems to ensure we are not wasting resources and we re-use as much as possible.

  • We try to work with suppliers and venues that have a strong sustainability policy in place. As an example, our set company and sound and video suppliers each have sustainability policies that are submitted to us to show that they try to maintain the same standards as us.

  • We look to reduce our carbon footprint by looking at and where possible using pooled vehicles, webcasting events to a wider reach, using more local suppliers.  We also incorporate the use of energy saving initiatives within our organisation through low energy bulbs and timed switches for VDUs and printers.

  • Communications where possible will be done electronically and we seek to develop innovative digital platforms to continuously minimise the use of paper. We use electronic files as much as possible - even getting documents signed via PDF as opposed to paper whenever possible.



  • BvG Group offers a great working environment for people ensuring that there are equal opportunities for everyone and support to develop people within their roles.  We are a proud Learning & Development Organisation and have polices in place to ensure that our team is treated fairly and equally.  We invest in our talent to ensure their skills remain up to date and that they are constantly learning.  

  • On our projects, we seek to donate items to charity or a community, where items cannot be easily reused on further projects. In the past we have donated tables to schools and 150 four-day-old tub chairs to a church community welfare project in USA.



  • We will always seek to provide the best value for money for clients.

  • Through the use of local suppliers, we seek to have a positive impact on the local economy.  As an example, we use local equipment and local labour where possible to help the economy of the country where we are producing the event.

  • Through our internship and apprenticeship programmes, we seek to help train and develop the next generation whenever possible, giving them some skills, experience and knowledge to go and make a positive impact on the economy. 


For each project, there will be a number of specific targets set as well as some overarching targets for the office environment.

Our Sustainably Policy is managed by our Production Director.

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